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The Right Timing for the Flooring Service

Best Season for Flooring Installation

Is timing really everything when it comes to installing new floors? You might be surprised! The season you choose can have a big impact on the installation process and even on your wallet. Allow your trusted flooring service provider to help you pick the perfect time to get new floors. Read below!

Spring—The Season of Renewal

Spring ushers in warm weather but not too warm, which is just the right condition for many flooring materials. Especially if you’re considering hardwood, spring provides a moderate climate, ensuring the wood doesn’t expand or contract too much.

Summer—Heat Challenges

While summer may seem like a great time for home projects, it presents its own set of challenges for flooring. The humidity can be a problem for materials like hardwood and laminate. Plus, you’ll probably want to spend your summer outdoors rather than overseeing indoor renovations.

Fall—Goldilocks Season

Many experts champion fall as the ideal time for flooring installation. Temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold, and humidity levels tend to be more stable. These conditions are favorable for most flooring materials, making the installation process smoother.

Winter—Indoor Focus, But Watch the Humidity

Winter allows you to focus on indoor projects, but it isn’t free of challenges. Cold air is dry, which might cause certain materials to contract. It’s crucial to keep the indoor climate-controlled if you opt for a winter installation.

Year-Round—Climate-Controlled Spaces

For those who can’t wait for a specific season, areas of your home that are climate-controlled year-round are always an option. Places like basements with a stable temperature and humidity allow for flexibility in choosing when to install your flooring.

Ready for a Floor Makeover?

The right season can make your flooring installation go smoothly and could even save you some money. If you’re uncertain about the best time for your specific project, HS Flooring is here to help. Reach out to me for advice tailored to your needs and let’s get your home looking its best. My reliable flooring service is just a call away from those in Pittsburg, CA at (925) 293-7806. So call me now!

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